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DreamCook, where cooking isn't just a dream!


We provide the fastest monitors in the game period! Zephyr’s groundbreaking features such as ATC links, Supreme checkouts, Quick Tasks and the fastest speeds in the world ensure you never miss a restock or drop!

Site Lists

DreamCook provides in-depth and detailed site lists, in an easy to read and formatted embed with information such as drop times, store location, site type, early links, variants, resell analysis and more


DreamCook provides 26+ different tools such as ebay view generators, Shopify ATC gen, delay calculators, fee calculators, package tracking, stock checkers, address+email jiggers and alot more!


DreamCook has over 20 providers such as proxies, servers, gmails, accounts, aws credits and more! DreamCook also has its very own in house US based reseller meaning members from around the world can cop items in the US

Active Community

DreamCook is home to one of the most active, friendly and supportive communities in any cookgroup! Our active text and voice chats ensure you can treat DreamCook as your discord home for reselling, chatting, discussing and more!

Classes and Guides

DreamCook offers FREE bot classes along with a plethora of over 20 guides covering everything from; Shopify, Supreme, Splash and Footsites master guides, proxy, ratios, jigging, task modes, gmails and harvesters, servers and shipping rates guides + more!

Lowkey Flips

Multiple channels helping you secure some of the most profitable lowkey items out there. Including anything from makeup to pools to art, DreamCook has it covered!


DreamCook offers literally hundreds of resources! With over 200 channels in the server full of different useful information, you can't go wrong for just $19.99 per month!

Free Slots

DreamCook offers extremely cheap slots and often times we run FREE pas! Sit back and relax whilst our slot runners do all the hard work for you using some of the best bots in the world!

About DreamCook

DreamCook, make your dreams come true.

DreamCook provides a top tier service for a cheaper price than most groups. We are continually expanding with new features, providers, resources, guides and more! For just $19.99 a month we give you access to the potential of making upwards of 500x that! We are so confident in our service we will refund your $19.99 if you do not make your money back within the first 30 days of your DreamCook membership.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I make money if I join DreamCook?

We are so confident in our service we are the only group on the market that offers a guarantee. If you do not make $19.99 profit within your first 30 days in DreamCook you get your money back. Thats right, we will refund your $19.99 if you are unable to breakeven on DreamCook's membership!

Do you provide support?

Yes our whole team is often available 24/7. If you have ANY questions the team will be happy to answer. Feel free to open a ticket for any reason!

Why should I join DreamCook?

With one of the friendliest communities, best resources, extensive features and alot more on offer, for just $19.99 per month, why shouldn’t you?

How can I join?

DreamCook is always in stock, you can join today by clicking "Purchase".


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I’ve been in notify, notify2, notify squared, hustlr mastermind, west notify, and elevated cooks, this group is almost as good as the best one, recommend it alot, only $20?! if you are on the fence of joining, just do it, you also have a free trial.


I got lifetime here and haven’t regretted anything. The info is phenomenal, support is good, chat is active, and the community is very supportive.


I’ve been in this group since beta and it is amazing to see the growth that has been made. There are so many new tools and guides, and the staff here is always supportive and helpful. $20/month, this group has all the features of a $30/month cook group. Highly recommended amazing group!


A $20 Cookgroup, With a trial? I had to take a look. I’ve been at a cookgroup paying 30$ a month. DreamCook has far many features. More monitors, Friendly people. If your looking to grow, Beginner or expert, This is the place to be



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